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Office Safety Training Video from the 50s or 60s

If you were to put a list together of unsafe workplaces, you’d be hard pressed to have office spaces somewhere near the top. Office safety always seems a given. After all, how dangerous can a 2B pencil, a ream of paper and a Xerox machine really be?

Well, according to the following Mad Men era-ish video it’s positively strewn with all manner of near death possibilities.

Watch, listen and learn:

"Use the Right PPE for the Job!" – Simpsons Safety

Maybe you've seen the Simpsons Industrial Safety Posters or maybe you haven't. Rather than show them all at once it might be an idea to show you one a month. First up there's the "Use the Right PPE for the Job!" which is obviously trying to highlight the need to wear the correct personal protective equipment. From the Gallway site: "Protective clothing comes in many forms – maybe you only need a protective sleeve or apron, or maybe you need full body coverage for electrical arc exposure. Once Read more [...]

Workplace Safety Database Launched by Alberta Government

In Canada the Alberta Government has recently launched a workplace safety database so that current and prospective employees can check on their employer's workplace safety records. As reported in the St. Albert Gazette: “It is so Albertans have a good idea of their employer or prospective employer’s record on health and safety,” said Chris Chodan with Alberta Employment and Immigration. Gil McGowan with the Alberta Federation of Labour said the government said the website would be a one-stop Read more [...]