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Hazards That Require Protective Eyewear

For those people who work in certain industries and occupations, the use of personal protective equipment, particularly protective eyewear, is a must for their safety. Failure to follow established safety protocols has all too often resulted in a loss of vision, loss of an eye, life-altering burns to the face and eyes, and many other tragic events. By taking the time to become familiar with the types of protective eyewear needed for a particular job, many accidents could be avoided. Welding Eye Read more [...]

Infographic: Industrial Safety Guide

Safety is a top priority in industrial environments. Fortunately, safety equipment for all types of hazards and work-related injuries has been developed to reduce the risk workers regularly face on the job. Safety gear tends to vary by industry and work responsibilities. With this infographic, find out more about the types of equipment construction workers, lab technicians, and electricians wear to protect themselves in dangerous environments. Contact Gallaway Safety and Supply for more information Read more [...]

Myths about Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is of the utmost importance to those working around heavy machinery and any potentially damaging decibels of noise. Noise is a leading cause of hearing loss, yet one-third of all hearing loss can be prevented with proper protection. However, it is essential to choose the correct equipment to ensure maximum protection. Myth: Noise reduction rating is the most important factor. The noise reduction rating, or NRR, is not the most important element of proper hearing protection. Read more [...]