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Top 10 OSHA Fines of 2013

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Recently, Republic Steel was fined $2.4 million for safety violations. OSHA had found more than 100 safety and health violations during inspections at the company, which included: failing to provide workers with adequate fall protection, failing to protect employees who service or maintain machines, and failing to provide machine guarding to protect workers from hazardous machinery. This hefty $2.4 million alone tops the list of OSHA fines from all of 2013 - and we aren't even halfway through 2014. So Read more [...]

A Useful Guide on Temperature Limits for Glove Materials

Work Gloves for Extreme Tempuratures
The selection of proper hand protection begins with an evaluation of the job application and the hazards present. One of the hazards that must be considered is temperature - both extreme cold and extreme heat. This useful chart can be used as a starting point in the process of selecting the right gloves. These ratings are to be used as a general guideline only, as there are too many possible variances in field conditions verses controlled testing environments. For example, the weight of the item Read more [...]