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Infographic: Hand Safety and Glove Guidelines for the Oil and Gas Industry

Hand injuries are #1 on the list of recordable incidents each year for the oil and gas industry. Hand protection efforts in this industry are getting a serious boost. Improved glove guidelines (known as the "global glove guidelines") and the use of impact gloves are increasingly preventing hand injuries as more oil and gas companies begin adopting them. Using the proper hand protection will improve the safety and productivity of workers in any industry. Read more [...]

Improved Glove Guidelines for the Oil and Gas Industry

impact gloves for oil and gas workers
As the number of oil and gas industry workers has grown in recent years to more than 400,000, hand injuries are on the rise, too. Hand and finger injuries lead the oil and gas industry’s recordable incidence rates every year. Data from IADC’s 2009 Incident Statistics Program (ISP) indicate that 34% of recordable incidents and 20% of lost-time incidents fall in this category. According to the latest data from the National Safety Council, the average cost of a single hand injury is $21,918 (indemnity Read more [...]

5 Types of Heat Stress that Workers Should Be Aware Of

Heat Stress Prevention
With temperatures skyrocketing during the summertime months, the workplace can be dangerous if you are not effectively prepared. Although some people assume outdoor workers are the only ones who need to be concerned with high temperatures, indoor workers are not completely off the hook. Heat can affect any worker simply by producing sweaty palms or even fogged up glasses, which increase the risk for injuries. Working in an outdoor setting often misleads people to think that outside is the only place Read more [...]