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When Should You Replace Your Hard Hat?

You may wonder at what point should your hard hat be replaced, since it is an item which is worn daily. The answer is not simple, since there is no pre-determined standard as to when hard hats should be retired. Instead, employees should learn to make their own evaluation, based on the work conditions, the job's specific hard hat requirements, and the physical condition of the hard hat itself.   Jobs where there is more exposure to intense conditions, such as heat and sunlight, water pressure, Read more [...]

5 Safety Products that Could Save Your Life

Each year, there are far too many work-related fatalities. Most of these could be prevented with the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE). Besides face shields, safety glasses, hard hats, and safety shoes, PPE includes a variety of devices and garments such as goggles, coveralls, gloves, vests, earplugs, and respirators. Below is a list of 5 important safety products that could save your life:   1. Fall Arrest System – The US Department of Labor (DOL) lists falls as one of the Read more [...]

Top 10 Ways to Avoid OSHA Fines

It is OSHA’s job to regulate safety in the workplace. Failing to meet their standards can result in citations and hefty fines. But a visit from OSHA doesn’t have to bring on feelings of anxiety and fear for employers. If employers take the necessary steps towards compliance, they can rest easy when OSHA comes knocking. Here are the top 10 ways to avoid OSHA fines: Being Prepared – In most cases, OSHA won’t show up without a reason. Possible reasons for a visit to your jobsite include: Read more [...]

Making Sense of Head Protection: Types and Classes Explained

OSHA requires head protection be worn in any environment where there is a potential for injury to the head [29 CFR 1910.135]. In addition, the head protection must comply with ANSI Z89.1 performance guidelines. All hard hats are classified according to the specific impact and electrical performance requirements they are designed to meet. This classification is also commonly referred to as the ANSI Z89.1 standard. Industrial head protective helmets meeting the requirements of the  standard are Read more [...]

New Year & New California Safety Laws

So the first working day of 2011 sees California introduce a new set of workplace safety laws. The state’s worker safety agency - Cal/OSHA – will now find it easier to investigate safety violations that occur in California workplaces following a revision to its labor code laws. Susan Kemp, a labor law attorney for the California Chamber of Commerce, describes how the new laws will work. She says the boost to Cal/OSHA’s enforcement powers applies mainly to businesses that own and operate heavy Read more [...]

Are You Sitting Comfortably? It'll Probably Kill You.

Of all the potential risks at your average workplace and working environment, you'd have thought you'd be safest parked in a comfortable chair in a warm office behind a desk. Not so according to several studies in the U.S., New Zealand and Canada. Sitting between six and ten hours a day or for two hours unbroken can lead to some very serious health problems posing a similar health risk to that of a smoker. Increased health problems include: Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) Obesity Diabetes Heart Read more [...]

Climbing Safety from the 70s with Fred Dibnah

Over in the UK during the 70s there was a guy called Fred Dibnah – a steeplejack by trade who had a thing for steam engines as well as an old Victorian way of demolishing old mill chimneys. The north of England was the spine of the Industrial Revolution that fueled the Empire -the predominant industry being cotton. Fred was a no nonsense type of guy who’d strap a load of ladder together with rope to clamber up a 300+ ft chimney prior to setting fire to the bottom where he’d placed wooden Read more [...]

US Labor Department Safety Audit vs OSHA

According to a recent federal study, both North and South Carolina have been deemed to be the safest places to work in the country with the least number of injuries reported. As this report states: North Carolina's Labor Department said Thursday the state's rate of injuries or illnesses at private companies dropped to a historic low in 2009. The 3.1 percent rate compares with 3.4 percent in 2008. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics said there were just over three cases of illness or injury per Read more [...]

Office Safety Training Video from the 50s or 60s

If you were to put a list together of unsafe workplaces, you’d be hard pressed to have office spaces somewhere near the top. Office safety always seems a given. After all, how dangerous can a 2B pencil, a ream of paper and a Xerox machine really be?

Well, according to the following Mad Men era-ish video it’s positively strewn with all manner of near death possibilities.

Watch, listen and learn:

"Use the Right PPE for the Job!" – Simpsons Safety

Maybe you've seen the Simpsons Industrial Safety Posters or maybe you haven't. Rather than show them all at once it might be an idea to show you one a month. First up there's the "Use the Right PPE for the Job!" which is obviously trying to highlight the need to wear the correct personal protective equipment. From the Gallway site: "Protective clothing comes in many forms – maybe you only need a protective sleeve or apron, or maybe you need full body coverage for electrical arc exposure. Once Read more [...]