Benefits of Green Cleaning Supplies

It is every employer’s goal to maintain a work site that’s clean and safe for employees and clients. Part of what makes a safe work site, though, is the very products used to clean it. While there are many products excellent at removing floor stains and sanitizing surfaces, many of these products contain chemicals that might be doing more harm than good. The green movement just makes sense when it comes to cleaning supplies, and here’s why.

Reduce Asthma Symptoms & Improve Indoor Air Quality

If you or your employees have respiratory concerns, such as asthma, you might find that natural cleaning supplies make it easier to breathe and reduce eye irritation. Work places where chemical cleaners are in use see a dramatic increase in the likelihood of aggravating asthma, sore throats, and other kinds of irritation. Similarly, harsh chemicals may cause adverse reactions with your skin, causing dryness or itching. Additionally, about 6% of janitors experience injuries from chemical exposure from cleaning products every year. Choosing high-quality products is one way to protect staff from on-the-job injuries. Aside from preserving indoor air quality, using green cleaning supplies can also prevent the formation of outdoor smog.

Reduce Carbon Footprint & Pollution Liability

Green cleaning supplies are simply better for the environment. Industrial cleaning products can lead to air or water pollution depending on how waste water and other products are disposed of. Even highly regulated disposal can lead to pollution through the natural evaporation of many chemical products. Responsible environmental behavior is valuable to customers, and it may also prevent paying pollution damages that be imposed on companies found exceeding safety limits.

Prevent Super-Bacteria

Another benefit to green cleaning supplies is preventing the creation of super-bacteria. Products that kill 99.9% of all bacteria leave .01% that survive, and that .01% is guaranteed to replicate itself. This eventually creates bacterial colonies that resist antibiotics. Commercial cleaning supplies advertised as antibacterial actually contribute to these super-bacteria that are harder to eradicate and may be making your employees and visitors sick. Antibacterial agents, such as triclosan, have been shown to create adverse reactions in humane hormone systems and the thyroid gland. In fact, long-term exposure to the active ingredients in these products can be so harmful that the EPA recently proposed a ban on “antibacterial” and “antimicrobial” products unless they were shown to be more effective than non-antibacterial products. Natural cleaning products don’t kill bacteria, but mechanically remove them from surfaces, preserving the less harmful bacterial profile while still cleaning the surfaces that employees work on.

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