BlackJack Tire Repair Kits

Written on Tuesday, June 9, 2009
In the United States there are seven tire punctures every second, totaling 220 million flat tires each year. In addition, anyone who uses a vehicle off-road or at hazardous job sites is far more at risk for tire punctures.

Avoiding costly tire repairs at the repair shop is now possible with tire repair kits from BlackJack. These kits include everything you need to repair tires yourself, and the step-by-step instructions are fully illustrated and easy for anyone to follow. The tire does not even have to be removed from the vehicle to repair it!

BlackJack tire repair kits include high-quality and professional grade tools. Each kit come fully equipped with the following items: a heavy-duty plastic case with molded compartments, snap lock, solid 12 oz. Chrome t-handle tools, reamer, open-eye needle, razor blade, and a jar of lube.

BlackJack tire repair kits have a lifetime warranty and are guaranteed to last for the life of the tire. The repairs work on any size and type of tire, on any vehicle as long as it’s tubeless.

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