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Video: 5 Ways to Choose the Right Hearing Protection

Hearing loss is a common hazard at industrial and construction work sites. About 1 in 10 Americans has difficulty hearing normal speech, a problem most often caused by excessive noise. To protect workers who are often exposed to sustained or dangerously high noise levels, OSHA has set guidelines to ensure that workplaces provide a variety of adequate hearing protection for employees. Through this video, learn how to determine what type of hearing protection is best for a work site as well as other Read more [...]

Myths about Hearing Protection

Hearing protection is of the utmost importance to those working around heavy machinery and any potentially damaging decibels of noise. Noise is a leading cause of hearing loss, yet one-third of all hearing loss can be prevented with proper protection. However, it is essential to choose the correct equipment to ensure maximum protection. Myth: Noise reduction rating is the most important factor. The noise reduction rating, or NRR, is not the most important element of proper hearing protection. Read more [...]

How to Choose the Right Ear Plugs

Written on Monday, November 2, 2009 Ear plugs may be small, but they can do great things. They protect your ears from the damaging affects of noise that can cause hyperacusis and tinnitus over time. Permanently damaged, you will never get it back. This can lead to many other problems in life. If you work, live, or play in a loud environment, earplugs are vital to protecting your hearing. At the same time, earplugs can help with the ability to focus, sleep, and maintain a higher level of concentration. Read more [...]

Push-In vs. Roll-Down Earplugs

Written on Thursday, March 19, 2009 Push-In vs. Roll-Down Earplugs As you may know, disposable ear plugs are one way to achieve proper hearing protection in a work environment. The type of earplug you choose must be comfortable enough to wear for long periods, but most importantly, be inserted correctly into the ear. Roll-Down Plugs These type of disposable foam ear plugs require the user to roll the foam between their fingers to compress the foam to a sufficient size for proper insertion. Read more [...]

The NRR Change: Are you Ready?

Written on Thursday, March 5, 2009 Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) is an attempt to summarize a hearing protector’s performance in a simple manner, by processing all the test data in accordance with an established formula. Since the 1980’s, the NRR rating has been the most widely and most commonly used criteria to measure performance of hearing protection. The NRR is a single-number rating that is required by law to be shown on the label of each hearing protector sold in the United States. However, Read more [...]