Did You Know This About Hearing Protection?

Written on Thursday, March 12, 2009

OSHA requires that a variety of hearing protection be available to employees at a work site.

The standard 1910.95 (i)(3) reads “employees shall be given the opportunity to select their hearing protectors from a variety of suitable hearing protectors provided by the employer.”

A “variety” can be defined as 3 different hearing protectors. This can be achieved in any combination – like 2 different ear plugs and 1 ear muff; 1 ear plug and 2 different hearing bands; 3 different ear plugs; etc…

Employers should keep in mind that everyone’s ears are different. By offering several different styles of hearing protectors to employees, you will improve the chances that workers will wear their hearing protection, and thus increase worker compliance.

Written by: Carissa Kelley