How Do I Choose The Right Surveyor Safety Vest?

Written on Thursday, August 20, 2009

When you are choosing a surveyor safety vest, you will want to consider whether you are wearing it in the daytime or nighttime. These factors will make them differ somewhat. You will also want to determine what class you are going to fall under. These are the two biggest considerations when choosing a surveyor safety vest that is right for you.

Class 1 surveyor safety vests should be worn by people who are separated from traffic. Vehicles should be traveling no more than 25 miles per hour. These will work great if you are in a parking lot, warehouse, or other similar place.

Class II surveyor safety vests are more reflective and need to be used when more visibility is needed. These are for you if the weather is bad, there is low light, traffic of 25-50 miles per hour, or you are working in urban and suburban areas.

Class III surveyor safety vests provide the highest level of visibility. These are needed if you are facing serious hazards. If you are going to be in traffic of 50 mile an our or more, or need to be visible through a full range of motions from a distance of 1, 280 feet. These are great vests for utility workers, EMS, and railway workers as well.

You can choose the most reflective surveyor safety vest that is mean for night, but wear it in the day as well. They are highly reflective from all angles. Certain designs can also used with the use of white and silver to increase reflective properties. At night, any of the lime green, yellow or orange colors are acceptable. There are also lighted vests that are extremely visible at night.
Most surveyor safety vests can be used during the day or night. You really can go by your personal preference. It is better to have a vest that works well in light and dark. There will then be no concerns when there is less light in the wintertime, or if working into the evening. There is no need to have to change bests.

You can get surveyor safety vests of lighter or heavier construction to meet you individual working needs. Just make sure to choose from the cores class. This is the most important factor.
All surveyor safety vests are all made to meet a certain safety standard. You will never have to worry about the quality when buying from a reputable company. All you need to worry about is finding a surveyor safety vest that will be the most beneficial in you personal working situation.

The worst mistake that you can make is to not choose a surveyor safety vest at all. There should never be a reason why you do not have a vest on. You will be seriously risking your safety. Wearing any type is better than not wearing one at all. If you need help, contact a company distributor or your employer to make sure you get the appropriate surveyor safety vest that is best for you.

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