Product of the Week: Ninja Gloves

Written on Friday, March 6, 2009

The Ninja series of gloves from Midas Safety not only offer premium hand protection, but they are also uniquely designed and bring a sense of fashion to wearing protective gloves.

Unlike traditional hand protection, Ninja gloves are constructed from the latest in polymer and yarn technologies. Each glove in the Ninja series includes a unique shell and polymer combination to best take advantage of this technology.

A Proprietary HPT (Hydropellent Technology) Coating is present on many Ninja gloves in the series. The HPT process creates a spongy, soft, durable, and flexible coating that repels liquids to provide a firm wet or dry grip. Encapsulated air molecules provide an inherent vibration absorption feature.

In addition, most Ninja gloves are treated with Actifresh. Actifresh is a special treatment that promotes glove freshness by killing bacteria, and proves to be a great solution for “stinky-glove syndrome”.

Overall, the sleek style and new technology of the Ninja gloves series makes them a perfect fit for almost any application.

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Written by: Carissa Kelley