Safety Products Student Design Challenge Winners

The Industrial Fabrics Association International (IFAI) has announced the winners of their seventh annual Safety Products Student Design Challenge:

First Place: Aircraft marshaller’s safety jacket

Designers: Matthew Bartels, Sara Deshone and Armine Ghalachyan
Instructor: Dr. Maureen MacGillivray
School: Central Michigan University, Mt. Pleasant, Mich., U.S.A.

The aircraft marshaller’s safety jacket, a two-layer cold weather system, incorporates LilyPad Arduino technology, electronics designed for e-clothing and e-textiles. The jacket follows the safety requirements and standards for this type of garment to safeguard the wearer in unfavorable visibility conditions and to provide protection from adverse weather. It is innovative and original in integrating LED lights into the sleeves of the garment, eliminating the need for handheld lighted wands used by aircraft marshallers. The lights on the safety jacket can be switched on and off.

Second Place: Mountain bike armor for females

Designer: David De Courcy
Instructor: Adam DeEyto
School: Institute of Technology Carlow, County Carlow, Ireland

The mountain bike armor is an innovative answer for female mountain bike riders, fulfilling the needs of comfort, support and protection. Working with two major suppliers of flexible, breathable materials, the garment provides breast support, abdominal protection, cervical and clavicle guards without restricting body movement.

Third Place: The Flyer—high-rise escape garment

Designers: Kurt Anderson, Jessica Bjorgum, Brooke Burch
Instructor: Dr. Gindy Neidermyer
School: University of Wisconsin, Stout, U.S.A.

This rescue system, based on the idea that people can fly with proper aids, is designed to allow people to jump from high-rise buildings and land safely. An easy-to-don jacket with attached wings (similar to the membranes that allow a flying squirrel to coast between trees) offers added safety with a deployable parachute.