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When do I Need Polarized Safety Glasses?

Written on Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Polarized safety glasses help to prevent eye fatigue and reduce glare. This increases the ability to see, and increases overall safety in the work environment. Any jobs outdoors will usually require polarized safety glasses. When light shines off a surface, it becomes polarized. All light planes move in one plane. Normally, light moves on many planes until it hits a reflective surface. When you wear polarized safety glasses, only one plan of light passes through Read more [...]

Which Lens Tint Should I Choose for my Safety Glasses?

Written on Tuesday, September 22, 2009 You already know that safety glasses are a necessity for protecting your eyes from potential injury caused by impact or flying debris. You may even know the exact style you want, but do you know which lens tint is right for your application? Clear Lenses are recommended for general purpose mostly indoor (and some outdoor) work environments where normal to low light conditions exist. These are the most popular type of lenses because of their low cost and high Read more [...]