Using Oil Absorbing Pads

From time to time, attempting to clean up an oil spill of any kind can be quite a job. Whether it’s an oil rig spilling millions of gallons into the water or oil leaking from a machine in a manufacturing plant, having the right supplies to clean up the spill can make all the difference and prevent a situation from becoming more hazardous than it may already be. When on the job, using oil spill pads can be a convenient method of cleaning up most spills.

Oil Absorbing Pads
Oil absorbing pads usually resemble ordinary paper towels, but they are much stronger and are specially made and designed to quickly absorb oil while repelling water and other liquids. Dimpled and bonded for quick pick-up of spills, they leave little if any lint behind after use and are very strong. Many users refer to them as paper towels on steroids for their ability to absorb spills so quickly and leave no trace of them behind. Considered an essential supply of almost any business where an oil spill may occur, they typically come packaged either individually or in large rolls that can be easily transported to the spill site. In addition to standard motor oil, these pads can be used to clean up spills of other types of oil and oil-based substances, including:

  • Solvents
  • Solvent-based paints
  • Vegetable oils

They are also quite effective in absorbing oil sheen on water, and can be a very cost-effective way to clean up these and other spills.

Who Uses Oil Absorbing Pads?
Oil spill pads can be used in any number of areas. Manufacturing and industrial facilities are perhaps the biggest users of oil spill pads since they rely on tremendous amounts of equipment that rely on oil for both fuel and lubricant. The pads make cleaning up oil spills in and around machinery very easy and convenient, helping to keep the workplace floors clear and dry. Warehouses are also facilities that use many oil spill pads in their daily operations. They can be used in various situations, such as when freight is delivered in damaged condition or when inventory is accidentally spilled or broken. Automotive facilities, such as repair shops, also use spill pads extensively to help to keep the work area clean and prevent possible fire and slipping hazards. Most of these facilities use heavyweight pads due to their ability to rapidly absorb large amounts of oil quickly.

For any business or organization, oil absorbing pads offer an economical and efficient way to clean up spills. Keeping work areas clean and preventing potential fire hazards are just some of the benefits these pads provide. To stock up on oil absorbing pads or other oil spill products, contact Gallaway Safety & Supply.