What Are The Most Popular Uses Of Chemical Resistant Gloves?

Hand protection is very important in certain professions, and the use of chemical resistant gloves has everyday applications, as well. While wearing gloves might be uncomfortable or annoying, the truth is in certain circumstances it’s not only mandatory, but also a safety measure in particular lines of work. The more comfortable and flexible the glove, the better the chance of compliance with established standards without compromising the health and safety of the wearer.

What are some of the most popular uses of chemical resistant gloves?

  1. Medical personnel are often called upon to handle chemotherapy drugs, and these drugs carry a high incidence of toxicity. These drugs are potent, and repeated handling could lead to health problems without proper protection.
  2. Chemical resistant gloves are also popular with laboratory technicians, who may handle a variety of hazardous materials in their research.
  3. Many people who clean for a living, whether it’s in hotels, a cleaning service, or simply around the house come into daily contact with harsh materials. Chemical resistant gloves provide a barrier between skin and the cleaning products necessary, reducing skin rashes and other damage that could occur.
  4. In the automotive industry, solvents and petroleum products are handled frequently. Chemical resistant gloves protect the hands from the skin damage that can occur without the defense these gloves can offer.
  5. Professional nurserymen, landscapers, and even the amateur gardener will come into contact with powerful pesticides and fertilizers. The use of chemical resistant gloves reduces the danger of absorption through the skin of the hands of hazardous material.
  6. Anyone who has stained a piece of furniture or applied polyurethane knows how the products can stain or burn the hands. Chemical resistant gloves are popular with those in the furniture refinishing business, as they can reduce the chance of injury when working with these powerful products.

There are many substances that can cause major injury or even sickness without the protection of chemical resistant gloves. Repeated exposure to certain products can affect the health and safety of the people required to handle this type of material. Therefore, whenever dealing with harsh or potent products, it is simply common sense and often mandated to protect the hands with chemical resistant gloves.

Other popular uses for chemical resistant gloves occur in the food industry, and are utilized by tattoo artists and product inspectors. Since chemical resistant gloves provide such a powerful barrier to solvents, petroleum products, and animal fats, they have become popular in the mainstream population as well. Housewives, amateur hobbyists, gardeners, and people who maintain their own automobiles have taken advantage of the protective attributes of chemical resistant gloves to reduce the chance of irritation or injury.

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