What Should I Know About OSHA, When Drilling For Natural Gas?

When drilling for natural gas, you must first establish the location of your underground installations before you excavate. Never just begin without knowing exactly where you are going to end up. This can be a very dangerous act. This includes contacting utility companies or owners within a respectable amount of time. If you are unable to contact anyone within 24 hours, you are allowed to proceed with the process of drilling for natural gas. When you are getting close to your source, you must take care to figure out the exact location in a way that is acceptable. You must then support, protect, or remove any underground installations to help ensure employee safety.

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Excavators need to establish a plan and train their employees before drilling for natural gas. All employees should know how to determine locations, contact any relevant companies to establish locations, and know the precautions to take to prevent damage. You should never skip this step. If employees are not knowledgeable, they are not safe. This will be considered a non-compliance with OSHA’s guidelines.

If an underground installation is damaged, appropriate counter measure must be taken after the hazards associated with the damage have been determined. If gases are released, emergency response teams need to be contacted immediately. Do not delay this. You will be endangering not only yourself, but also the general public. Act as quickly as possible. Be prepared to handle any emergency that may arise when drilling for natural gas.

Another main concern of OSHA is that you know how to maintain and disregard of hazardous materials when drilling for natural gas. You need to protect yourself and those around you. A gas leak can be very serious to a town or a city.

Employers and employees need to be knowledgeable of what safety equipment to use through the whole process of drilling for natural gas to prevent injury and promote safety. If you are unsure of anything that you need to do, you may contact OSHA.

OSHA has implemented many guidelines when it comes to drilling for natural gas. There are way too many to list. Just make sure you are following the proper procedures that should have been set forth within your company if you are in the business of drilling for natural gas. It is a good idea to contact OSHA to figure out all procedures along with the rights that you have as an employee or employer.

OSHA is committed to safety of employers and employees. When it comes to situations such as drilling for natural gas, this safety spans to the general public. It is because of this that there are such strict guidelines and procedures that need to be followed. Drilling for natural gas if done incorrectly, it can be one of the most dangerous on the job activities that can be performed. Even if you are highly skilled, problems can occur. Make sure you are as prepared as possible before taking on the task of drilling for natural gas.

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