When Do I Need to Wear a Full-Brim Hard Hat?

Written on Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Construction workers, highway workers, miners, and utility workers are just a few of the people who utilize a full-brim hard hat. OSHA has very specific requirements that all employers must be in compliance with when it comes to safety equipment in the workplace. Full-brim hard hats are good for accidental falls, debris, spills, splashes, heat, and the sun. There are many companies that manufacture the full-brim style hard hat. Full-brim hard hats, just like any other, are made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). Hard hats are ridged and very lightweight. They are created to be worn in comfort all day. They are not less comfortable than partial-brim hats. It is better to have more protection than you need. There is nothing wrong with preferring a hat with a full-brim.

Hard hats must be made to the standards of OSHA and in compliance with ANSI Z89.1. No matter what hard had you obtain, make sure that it meets all required standards. Most companies that manufacture hard hats meet these guidelines. It never hurts to check, since you are better safe than sorry.

It does not hurt to wear a full-brim hard hat anywhere that a hard hat is required. Full-brim hard hats are very common in places where temperature is elevated. Full-brim hard heads offer extra protection against humidity, the sun, and heat in general. Full-brim style hard hats offer the most protection against falling or flying debris. They offer extra protection to the face and eyes, especially when something is falling from above. They are great for sun, rain, and glare.

Some full-brim hard hats are created to glow in the dark. These are great for construction workers who are working at night or miners who have very low levels of light. The number one advantage to the full-brim hard hat is that you can go from environment to environment without worrying about changes in your hard hat. You are protected all the way around. This will allow employees to work with minimal to no interference.

It never hurts to have more than you need when it comes to hard hats and safety in the workplace. It is easier to wear a full-brim hard hat if you are changing areas on a frequent basis. You do not have to worry about changing hats. If you forget to switch hats and wear the wrong one in the wrong place, you could be risking serious injury.

No matter what type of hard hat you need, you can request it with a full-brim. You may need a hat that protects from above impact, side impact, a mixture of the two, or electric current. All of these can be equipped with a full-brim.
There surely are no disadvantages to the full-brim hard hat. It helps to protect the eyes and face. It also helps to protect your neck from behind when it comes to being hit with debris from above.

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  1. Where does it specify when a full brim hard hat is needed? I read through the CFR and I saw nothing that would indicate that a full brim hard hat is required and when just a regular hard hat is. thanks.. and great article.

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